General Submissions Guidelines

What we're looking for:

We focus on fiction that is rooted in the real world, but which twists away from the constraints of reality to take the reader on a thrilling adventure. We'd love to see your novels and novellas that are:

  • For older YA and General Adult audiences (readers 16+)
  • In genres such as (but not limited to):
    • Urban Fantasy
    • Paranormal / Supernatural
    • Near-Future Science Fiction
    • Portal Fantasy
    • Horror
    • Magical Realism

Send us your books with magic-wielding private detectives that solve crimes in real cities. Give us your stories about the unseen world that exists alongside our own. If you've got a well-written novel or novella with both real-world appeal and something extraordinary going on, there's a good chance we want to see it.

Why submit to Twisted Tree Press?

You've poured your heart and soul into writing your novel or novella. Choosing a publisher to trust with your work is no small decision. Here's what you can expect if you partner with Twisted Tree Press to publish your work:

  • We only ask for the rights we'll immediately use: ebook, print, and audiobook. You'll retain all other rights to your work.
  • You'll earn competitive royalties on sales of your book, royalties based on "net income" and not "net profit."
  • You'll be part of a collaborative process where you're included in decisions about cover design, interior design, and audiobook narration.
  • You'll have an open line of communication with our team about every step of the process, before and after your book hits the shelves.
  • We'll give you the marketing support you need for a strong launch and ongoing sales.

Before you submit:

Before you submit to Twisted Tree Press:

  1. Carefully review our submission guidelines to make sure your story really fits them.
  2. Even more carefully review your manuscript to make sure it's ready to submit. Here's a great post from Sub It Club with tips to make sure your manuscript is ready.

Okay, ready to submit?

Send your query letter and first three chapters in the body of the email to Please do not include any attachments.